(Evaluation) Music Video Changes (E)

Although previously stated in my Shooting script, Casting shots, Location Plans and Costumes used; there are parts of my video that did not quite go to plan. The narrative for the video went as planned- however the scheduled basketball scene did not take place. We did not find a wheelchair that was sufficient for this activity so found it difficult to take high action shots and making it look like an actual match. We replaced this with a ‘gym scene’ where our character realises that he can still be happy without his legs- and compares and contrasts with the previous gym scene in our video where there’re both using the gym but in one features shots of him using his legs, and the other features upper body shots and exercises.

Another change is the teacher shot, where our character previously would ask him for help and advice on how to still be active while disabled. However, for the purpose of the story we used the character who had previously run him over- as we thought that it would work better if the person who had caused this pain would be the one to help him through the pain.

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(Evaluation) ‘3 by 3’ analysis/Comparison to Real Media Products (1)

'3 by3'

  1. This mid shot, shows blinds with the morning sun peering through giving a contrasting effect on the picture; as the dark and light combine. This shot, likewise to my video, is used in a camera movement where the camera is moved across the blinds so that the sun moves in an out of the blinds to get that same contrasting shot labelled before.┬áLinking to real media conventions this shot is likely to be used to show that it is the morning after an action that occurred the previous night. To link to our video, this is the after effects of the car crash. The shot, in its own way, shows that the drama is over and its time to fix the problem. ‘The calm ‘after’ the storm’.
  2. This low angle shot, shows the effects of the night before, where our character lies on the hospital bed after being partially paralysed. We decided to use this shot as the audience can clearly tell of the effects of the crash, making the narrative simple, and easy to follow. The oxygen mask shows that his situation is still a critical one but with the absence of hospital staff attending to him, it also lets them know that his health is stable. In Rudimental’s ‘Waiting All Night’ we can see a similar shot of their character in the after effects of a crash, and is used in their video for similar reasons.
  3. This next shot is a long shot of our character running down a path. In our video, this was the final shot of around four cuts where in each cut, he would get further away from the camera. I thought this was a nice, simple way for the viewers to see his progress without showing too much of his running; as this would be long and boring. This is a popular shot amongst media products as it is simple, and leaves the door open for editing to make the sky look picturesque, or a possible ‘sun set’ shot with somebody walking/running into the distance.
  4.  This is an extreme close-up of the fence, with a mid shot of the runner in the background. I used this shot as it creates a nice effect between the in focus fence matched with the out of focus runner as you see him disappearing into the distance**
  5. Number 5 is probably the main shot of our music video-matched with the wheelchair shot at the end. This shot portrays the runners feeling as this is where he feels ‘alive’. We decided to keep it simple with a mid shot as we felt that the view of the sea did the shot enough justice as he looks into the distance. In terms of real media products there is a similar shot in Rudimental’s ‘Free’ where the skydiver is on top of the mountain. This is where each character feels most at home with the only difference being ‘alive’ and ‘free’. Obviously both with different end results, but similar pictures to each other. I think with better equipment (drone) we would try and get a similar shot to this.
  6. Extreme close-ups of the eye is a shot which shows the feelings of the character. It is possible to tell an awful lot about a character purely based on what his eyes are doing. In the case of the video, our character has just woken up from his dream and we wanted to be a little creative in capturing the moment of him waking up. I feel that we could have improved on the shot, maybe getting it a little closer to the eye, and possibly adjusting the lighting to get a better shot. We see an example of an extreme close-up in other videos such as Paromore’s ‘Emergency’ Where we see a close-up of Hayley Williams’ eyes. In this, her eyes tell a story of boredom, where she either isn’t happy with what she’s looking at or doesn’t want to be where she is. I wanted to add the extreme close up of the eye as one of my chosen nine shots as it is a simple, yet different way of portraying a character’s feelings.
  7. This is a mid-shot of our character clearly sitting in distress and is upset about his situation. This shot is supposed to represent his devastation about being paralysed and in a wheelchair and is taken just before the ‘frustration’ scene occurs. I wanted to keep this shot simple as I wanted the viewer to clearly see, and be able to understand his situation and the emotions of what the character would have felt. The mid-shot is extremely popular among media products due to its effectiveness and simplicity.
  8. The theme for our video- as well as my fake album name (digipak/advert)- is “Greatness is Within”. I felt that this was an important shot as it is the beginning of our character’s resurgence. The first point in the video where not all is lost and he an still do what he loves, even if he is limited to the wheelchair. “Greatness is Within” motivates and convinces him that he also has the greatness that is needed to succeed in life, despite his obvious handicap. Over the shoulder shots are used in music videos in either conversation or simply seeing what someone has in their hands-like our video.
  9. This is a close-up shot from the perspective of the bar looking across. This shot is an effective and creative way of showing the character as he recovers from his injury-going on to new and better things. What’s symbolic of the shot is that it shows our character that you don’t need your legs for everything, you can still overcome obstacles even when handicapped or placed at a disadvantage. Gym shots in general are commonly used in music videos until this present day. I have a example of a similar shot, and although the two shots and videos have different meaning (Lethal Bizzle- ‘Rari Workout’) they both see the pull up as an effective opportunity to show there actor in the gym.

Shot Comparisons

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